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Magda's Journey to Empowerment: Overcoming Adversity at Thomas House

Magda's story is one of strength and determination, a journey from an emotionally abusive relationship to the light of hope and stability with her two sons, David and Daniel. The sporadic absence of her husband, who would often leave for extended periods, placed the entire burden of caregiving and financial stability on her shoulders, making it increasingly difficult to maintain steady employment, especially without access to essential resources like childcare. 


Upon her arrival at Thomas House Family Shelter in August, Magda set clear goals for herself: to find stability, secure employment, and attain and sustain housing for her family. This was more than just a change of address; it was the beginning of a transformative chapter, where she aimed for a future defined by stability and nurturing care, serving as the foundation for her family's well-being. 


Embraced by the Thomas House community, Magda found the support she needed to pursue her goals. One of her first achievements, with guidance from our Career Development Specialist, was creating her resume — a symbol of her readiness to take on the world. Juggling two part-time jobs, she became a beacon of strength and resilience for David and Daniel.  


Hanna Levine, Housing Navigator, shares, "Magda's optimism drives her effort to overcome barriers to permanent housing. Her energy and perseverance is inspiring and makes her a pleasure to work with. Magda's tenacity and open-minded approach to new challenges has led her to develop a strong professional skillset and make significant strides toward financial independence." 


Her journey towards self-improvement hasn’t stopped there; she actively engages in parenting classes and therapy sessions, embarking on a path of healing and personal growth. Her financial savvy has begun to show results as well, with Magda successfully saving enough to cover a month's expenses, a crucial step in building a secure future. 


David and Daniel, thriving in our Youth Development Program, have blossomed in this nurturing environment. David earned a positive referral from his school, a testament to his progress, and both boys have been diligently working on their social and emotional skills, making significant strides in their personal development. 


Magda's journey, along with David and Daniel, is a beacon of inspiration. It highlights the resilience of the human spirit against overwhelming odds, nurtured and supported by the comprehensive services at Thomas House. Their story is not just about survival; it’s a narrative of love, empowerment, and accountability fueled by their own strength and the unwavering support they found at Thomas House. Each day brings them closer to the future they once only dared to dream of. 

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