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Thomas House supports families with case management services to help identify issues that led to homelessness, create action plans, and set achievable goals. Adult residents are provided with the tools and resources needed to get their family back on track, including financial education and budgeting, parenting and life skills classes, as well as individual and family counseling.  In addition, if a family is in need of legal services or medical care, they are linked to affordable resources within the community. 


Case Management



Our Career Development Program is designed to support our adult residents to find employment opportunities that will put them on the path to self-sufficiency. Residents have access to basic job development skills, such as resume building, interview practice, and job search tools. In addition, Thomas House connects residents with training programs that provide access to jobs in higher demand fields with more opportunities for advancement and increased income capacity.

Career Development
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The Youth Development Program strives to ensure that our children do not have to repeat the cycle of poverty and homelessness by encouraging them to excel academically as well as by empowering them to explore college and career opportunities. In addition, we want them to  develop healthy behaviors, achieve positive self-esteem, and create long-lasting friendships.​ To this end, Thomas House provides each child with access to homework assistance, individual tutoring, school supplies, and computer access as well as counseling and mentoring.  


Youth Development



Thomas House considers our former residents, also known as "graduates", to be a permanent part of our extended community. Even after they have transitioned to permanent housing of their own, they are welcome to continue to receive the support of our programs including Case Management, Career Development, and Youth Development. Providing a positive supportive network for our families is an important part of who we are and what we do. In turn, our graduate families give back, not only to Thomas House, but also to the other families who are facing similar circumstances.

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Make an Impact

Your support helps Thomas House empower homeless families with children towards stability and self-sufficiency.

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