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2023 Holiday Appeal

Join us this December for a season of giving, community, and hope. Our Holiday Appeal is all about empowering at-risk and unhoused families on their path to independence and self-sufficiency. It's more than just a campaign; it's a celebration of resilience and community spirit. Support our families during the holidays by donating to a program or service of your choice, including Transitional Shelter, Case Management, Homeless Prevention, Career Development Services, Housing Navigation, Mental Health Services, Food Pantry, Youth Development, or Teen Case Management. Be part of our journey to make a difference.
Thomas House Empowers Families
Through Resouces & Services


Thomas House Resident

"Thomas House Career Development Services has positively impacted my professional journey because it helped me create my resume for more work opportunities. Being involved in this program, I learned to budget and save money, appreciate my family more, and value the support from others outside my family."



Thomas House Teen

"I enjoy the Youth Development Program because I have fun with my friends. Being involved in program, I have learned to be respectful with others no matter what and always be honest."


Clarissa & Alex 

Thomas House Graduate 

"I am thankful for Thomas house, which has paved the way and made it possible for me to secure permanent housing, continue my education, save a significant amount of money, and repair the relationship with my child."

Their story is our story.

Determined, strong, and resilient, Mercedes, Jorge, Clarissa & Alex, and other unhoused families continue to strive, working to build and sustain financial stability, improve their parenting skills, obtain employment, improve their mental health, and obtain permanent housing. It is through the support of our entire Thomas House family that we can continue to empower unhoused families, advancing the goal of building and strengthening our community.

Our goal is $110,000 and we humbly ask for your support.


Will you be one of over 2,087 donors who give this holiday season?

Join us today by supporting families like Mercedes, Jorge, and Clarissa as we continue making a difference in the lives of our families. 

Giving Testimonials 

Tom Orbe

"Barbara and I have been committed to Thomas House for about 25 years, driven by our belief that no family in the USA should be homeless. We support Thomas House because it is an effective organization that helps families become self-reliant and secure housing. To anyone looking for an organization to give to, I'd say Thomas House efficiently uses resources to end the cycle of homelessness, and the support you give, you receive back tenfold!"

Lynn Nguyen

"I've been involved with Thomas House since 2012 and on the board since 2014. My support stems from a personal connection - my mother was a single mom and an immigrant, so helping in-house families and children resonates deeply with me. To anyone considering an organization to give to, Thomas House stands out. It's not just a place for me to volunteer; it's a place where my children and I can actively participate. It offers a real sense of home and safety for those living there, providing a fresh start and an environment where children don't feel like they're in a shelter, but in a nurturing and secure home."

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Mark Wolf

"I give to Thomas House because I believe in the mission and the work that takes place on and offsite. I know that when I support Thomas House, my gift goes directly to a family. This small and mighty organization truly changes lives and seeing the progress first hand as a former staff member warms my heart.

For more information, please contact:

Kyler Hannah, Marketing Manager
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