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Help Them Home: A Housing Navigation Highlight

A woman, Housing Navigator, sitting with a client


In every corner of our community, families face the daunting challenge of finding a safe, affordable place to call home. At Thomas House Family Shelter we build a foundation of hope and transformation, offering more than just shelter—through its Housing Navigation Services, it provides a pathway to stability and self-sufficiency for those struggling with the process to permanent housing.   


A Personalized Roadmap to Stability 

The journey begins with understanding each family's unique situation and housing goals. Our Housing navigator delves deep into assessing financial capabilities and confronting barriers such as credit issues and underemployment head-on. By identifying affordable housing options, guiding families through the application process, and effectively leveraging housing vouchers, our housing navigator helps turn the dream of permanent housing into a reality. 


Overcoming Barriers with Compassion and Expertise 

Facing obstacles such as low credit scores or affordability issues can feel overwhelming for many. Yet, through a combination of persistence, knowledge, and access to resources, our housing navigator helps families overcome these hurdles. By collaborating with case managers and a career development specialist, they not only find homes but also pave the way for financial stability and growth. 


Keys to Permanent Housing

Tailoring the Search to Meet Every Need 

What makes the Thomas House Family Shelter's approach so effective is its commitment to personalization, meeting each individual where they are. Recognizing the diverse needs and circumstances of each family, we empower clients, guiding them through the search process with a focus on achieving their specific housing goals. This person-centered approach ensures that every family's journey to permanent housing is both empowering and successful. 

"Very responsive, very organized, helps alleviate my stressors, Hanna goes out of her way and has made my transition from shelter to housing ten times easier!" -Clarissa Wilkinson

A Community of Support: The Foundation of Success 

Critical to the success of housing navigation is the network of partnerships and collaborations with local landlords, the Garden Grove Housing Authority, and other homeless service agencies. These relationships not only facilitate access to housing opportunities but also ensure families have the support they need to thrive. By deepening existing relationships and forging new ones, Thomas House aims to create a more robust network of support for families in need. These collaborations will not only increase the availability of housing options but also enhance the support services that families need to thrive once housed. From understanding tenant rights to accessing essential services, the journey to self-sufficiency is a community effort. 


Impact and Evolution: A Path Forward 

As we look to the future, the importance of housing navigation services in ending the cycle of homelessness cannot be overstated. With every family housed, the Thomas House Family Shelter moves closer to its mission of breaking the cycle of homelessness. Through ongoing enhancements, collaborations, and community support, the potential to expand and evolve these services is boundless, offering hope and a tangible path to stability for even more families. 


A Reflection on Home and Hope 

As you consider the impact of housing navigation, take a moment to reflect on what home means to you. It's more than just a physical space—it's a foundation for security, growth, and happiness. But for many in our community, this fundamental human right remains out of reach.  


This is why we’re inviting you to be a part of a pivotal moment in our journey to end homelessness: the “Help them Home” Giving Day on April 24th, 2024. We're rallying our community to lay down the building blocks for a future where every family has a place to call home.  


A Call to Action: Join Us in Making a Difference 

Join us on this special day to make a profound impact. Each donation, no matter the size, helps us to provide the essential Housing Navigation Services that guide families from uncertainty to stability. Your support on April 24th will directly contribute to our efforts in securing safe, affordable housing for those in need, ensuring they have the foundation to build a brighter, more secure future. 

To be a part of this transformative initiative, we invite you to click here to learn more. Your engagement on this day is more than just a contribution—it's a declaration that every individual deserves the dignity of a home, and every family has the right to dream of a better tomorrow. 

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