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Giving Testimonials

Ana Marie del Rio

Steadfast Companies, Chief Legal Officer

Thomas House Board President

“Contributing to Thomas House is fulfilling.  Not only is their mission supportable, but the results are undeniable.  It feels good to give to a local charity that impacts the participating families and our Orange County community.  Spending time there helps you quickly realize the value of a well-rounded program.  More than just providing homes for these families, the program gives them a fresh start with new skills, broad support, and access to much-needed services. 


I contribute my time and money and encourage others to do so as well, because of the long-term effect we have on our families.  Seeing many of the graduates go on to succeed with successful jobs and strong family skills and values is rewarding.

No matter what the budget, it seems there is always something else needed and you just can’t say “no” to help keep the program going. More dollars means we can help more families—our long-term goal."

Wing Lam 

Wahoo's Fish Taco's Founder

"Giving to Thomas House is important because it helps entire families to become self-sufficient in their lives and do well. I give because Thomas house has a very successful experience by helping people grow and develop to become successful in their lives.

I believe the most important part of the mission is how it influences the children. The children are the future, and this gets them on the road to become valuable contributors, and to see that there is no limit to what they can do. 

I encourage others to give by being an example of giving and bringing them to Thomas house to see all the good works they do. Once they come to Thomas house and see all the programs that support the families and the smiling faces on the children everyone that experiences that wants to become involved. I always think that I could never give an enough the Thomas house because of the impact it has on so many lives."

Bill Stoll

Steadfast Companies Executive Vice President

"Charity begins at home. Not just those in your family and close friends, but your community as well. Giving to Thomas House allows us to make a tangible and impactful difference. 

There is a continued and growing problem with homelessness in Orange County, and Thomas house is on the front line to alleviate the problem. Supporting families so they can get back on their feet is incredibly important and giving to Thomas house directly helps them make an impact in our community.


The connection comes when hearing the stories of success from those who Thomas House has helped.  Many of the families are some of our community’s most vulnerable and with a little giving these families can work their way out of a setback in their lives without having to live in their cars or on the street.  We have witnessed such great success from the children of these families, and it is heartwarming to see their resilience and pursue their passions."

Joel & Susan Mott

Thomas House Ambassadors 

"It is a joy for us to give to Thomas House, especially since we know how hard Thomas House families work towards their goals to become independent and self-sufficient.​ Their programs successfully empower families with children to overcome situational homelessness and generational poverty. When families fall on hard times, they have a safe place to turn to in our community for shelter, food, and supportive services until they can support themselves and their families again."

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