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end family homelessness.

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Empowering Families



After relocating from Seattle, Washington, Shawneque returned home to California to be closer to her family and receive support raising her sons. Unfortunately, when she arrived, she did not have a stable place to live, moving from one Airbnb to another. With the support of Thomas House, Shawneque has obtained full-time employment and is working to address her mental health, build her self-confidence, and learn how to budget in order to transition into permanent housing. 



Upon arrival to Thomas House, Alejandro did not have a place to call home, bouncing from one place to another, trying to find the best place to raise his boys. After separating from the mother of his children, he found himself a single dad, learning  to co-parent. With the support of Thomas House, Alejandro continues to work closely with his case manager to set & achieve goals that put him on the path to independence & self-sufficiency. 



Growing up Dana experienced family homelessness, living in cars, staying with family members, and living in shelters. As she got older, her family was able to obtain a temporary sense of stability. Unfortunately, due to her parent's drug addiction, the cycle of homelessness began to repeat itself.With the support of Thomas House, Dana has been able to learn how to budget, improve her parenting skills, and work on her mental health in order to become independent. 

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